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Articles by Dipti Kumari on ArticleSnatch

Below are the most recent articles from Dipti Kumari. For more of articles by Dipti Kumari please use the link above. Many of the requirements needed to get married in other states are not requirements in Hawaii, making it very easy to get a license and get married.

Unlike in many states, to get your license in Hawaii, no blood test is needed. Also, there is not a waiting period to get your license. Hawaii does not require a public notice stating your intentions to marry someone and you do not have a required amount of time you must live in Hawaii prior to when you get married. Another thing that makes getting a Hawaii Marriage License simple is that you do not have to have proof of a divorce; providing the date you got divorced will suffice to get married in Hawaii.

There are two simple ways to get a marriage license in Hawaii. The first way is to fly to the Department of Health near Waikiki, apply for a license, and pick it up in person. Do not take any stress and just enjoy each moment of your wedding with your friends and family.

Mon, 10 Mar 2014 06:31:58 0400Benefits of Investing In iPhone and iPad Mobile AppsThe Smartphone and other mobile devices have been making their position strongly in the technology world enjoying millions of users and subscribers around the world. The two major platforms iOs and Android have seen themselves integrated in the everyday activities of an individual whether it is for personal or business purposes. For those investors who are interested in earning and having their ROI in a short time span, developing mobile apps for these two popular platforms is one way of increasing their earnings. With that said, we would be discussing in this article the benefits of investing in iPhone and iPad mobile apps and why hire iPhone developers can be to their advantage.

The iPhone and iPad have been considered as two of the most popular products in the market today thanks to a strong global presence and exceptional brand awareness campaign. For many, Apple’s products are synonymous with dependability, excellent features and exclusivity. The brand also caters to business people, although some versions were made with other target markets in mind, this ensures that most mobile apps developed for the platform would be purchased by those individuals who have the capability. We provide complete solution for development service at affordable price. If you want iPhone apps development with more functionality, you can hire iPhone developers for getting more functional and effective results.

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 06:50:35 0500If you are in need of a Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Dream Weddings Hawaii is the company for you. Every couple that has booked our wedding planning services has loved the photos that we have produced. Dream Weddings Hawaii is a company of professional photographers and guarantee to produce photos that will not disappoint you.

The second coverage option is 1 hour coverage; this option is typically used for blue sky or sunset wedding photos. The hour session includes the ceremony, family pictures, and numerous posed pictures. The total of this package is a reasonable price of $250.

For a price of $375, we offer you 1 hour of photo coverage. This package includes both blue sky and sunset pictures and is a really great option for high quality photos. This package covers everything that is included in the 1 hour package and also the extra time needed to photograph a beautiful sunset.

The last coverage option is the reception coverage. This option covers the entire reception but the coverage needed for each reception depends on the needs of the client; therefore, we cannot give a definite price for this option. You can celebrate your wedding ceremony happily.

Test Tips and Practice

Test Tips and Practice

Test Tips by Exam, Practice, and ResourcesBy Kelly Roell

Everyone has to take a test at some point. These test tips will help you manage to get the test score you’d really like. So when you’re doing your test prep, read these general test tips and product reviews. Then, take a practice test or two to help you succeed.

Ace Your Reading TestWhether you’re just taking a reading test in school or trying to pass the Critical Reading section of the SAT, these tips will be sure to up that reading score. Do you have days to prepare? Months? What’s your study situation? Here’s the study goodies that’ll help you get the score you deserve

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Group Work Doesn’t Have to Be AwfulTraits of a Great Study Partner4 Easy Ways To Study with an Elementary Kid4 Tips for Studying with a Middle Schooler4 Tricks for Helping Your High Schooler StudyThe Savvy TesterWhether you’re sitting for the MCAT or just taking the pop quiz your teacher just threw at you, these general test tips will help you get a better score. After all, isn’t that what every tester is after?

15 Things NOT To Do The Day of the Test4 Proven Ways to Become a Good Test TakerOvercome Test AnxietyTrust Your Gut or Change Your Answer?Take Your Final Exam With Confidence5 Things To Do The Day of the Test In School15 Things NOT To Do the Day of Your Standardized TestHow to Pass Your Multiple Choice ExamAce That Chapter TestScore Big on an Essay TestShare Your Best Testing TipHone Your Skills in ClassBeing a good student has a lot to do with how you work in your class. Use these classroom skills to improve your grade, and hence your GPA.

Figure Out Your Learning StyleHow to Concentrate on The LectureThe Best Ways To Take NotesGet Organized For ClassPSAT Strategies and PracticeGetting ready for the PSAT in October? Here are some goodies to help get you through the test with a score you’re proud of!

PSAT Critical Reading QuizzesPSAT Math Practice QuizzesPSAT Writing Practice QuizzesSAT Strategies and PracticeKnock out the PSAT first, then land a roundhouse punch squarely on the nose of the SAT with these test tips and practice tests!

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How to Study for the ACTTop 5 ACT Apps21 Strategies to Improve Your ACT ScoreACT English Practice QuizACT Math Practice QuizTop 15 ACT Test TipsHelp for Grad School ExamsTaking the LSAT, GRE, GMAT or MCAT? Check out the practice tests, books and strategies below sure to help you score your highest on these major tests.

Mini GMAT QuizRevised GRE Verbal Practice PracticeHow to Study for the GREBest Revised GRE Prep BooksLSAT Analytical Reasoning Practice QuizLSAT Logical Reasoning Practice QuizHow to Study for the LSATTop 10 LSAT Test TipsTOEFL and TOEIC PracticeTaking an English language test? No problem. Check out these sample questions and practice quizzes to help you prepare!

TOEIC Listening Quiz 1: PhotographsTOEIC Listening Quiz 2: Question/ResponseTOEIC Listening Quiz 3: ConversationsTOEIC Listening Quiz 4: Short TalksTest Prep Resources and ProductsShould you take a class? Hire a tutor? Buy a book? Read below for some product reviews, and places to locate the best tutors around.

Realm Of Ingenious Techies

Realm Of Ingenious Techies

The exceptional growth of different transmission and broadcasting platforms has been profoundly impacting peoples lives. It is changing communication, advertisement, and education in many ways that have never been imagined. The popularity of digital gadgets signifies how interactive media is fast emerging as an important tool in providing advanced and up to date information.

Youre probably thinking of your favorite video games, phone apps, Ebooks and YouTube. animation, graphics, text, video, etc.). It is widely used by many organizations in adapting instructional strategies and providing cutting edge learning experience.

Besides influencing education, leisure, and entertainment, the industry also plays a vital role in creating virtual reality and simulations and in giving viewers sophisticated instructions. Moreover, the importance of multimedia should not be overlooked. According to research, people will most likely to remember 50 percent of what they see and hear. Among its other benefits include the following:

It provides excellent and unique ways of conveying information; It integrates different communication channels in reinforcing ideas;

It addresses multiple learning styles; and

It improves information retention.

Recent technological advancements have provided a number of opportunities to hundreds of interactive media enthusiasts. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the highest number of specialists was employed in motion pictures, advertising, computer systems, and software design. Thus, multimedia courses are fast becoming a popular choice in many countries providing room for ingenious techies to refine innate artistic and technical skills. The top careers for interactive enthusiasts are the following:

Graphic designer; andOver the years, Filipinos have shown great potentials in changing the technological landscape. The Philippines is among other countries that utilizes cutting edge techniques in providing excellent interactive projects. It is home to equally competitive and innovative graphic designers, software engineers, and 3d animation specialists who are capable of providing dynamic and optimum artistic solutions.

As the country makes wave in the hypermedia industry, CIIT, a premiere multimedia college in the Philippines, emerged as one of the most sought after IT schools providing top notch and quality education, hands on techniques, and industry relevant curriculum.

Besides college degree programs, CIIT also offers specialist courses and corporate trainings designed to keep pace with the industrys changing demands. It also takes pride in producing globally recognized and highly competent graduates equipped with the most recent techniques in the field of information technology.

Amidst competitors, CIIT was able to outshine other IT colleges not only through its compelling and affordable tuition fees, but also through its unparalleled learning strategies through the guidance of equally brilliant and excellent faculty staff. Indeed, CIIT is a multimedia college that opens doors to boundless opportunities of learning and career growth.

Can You Delete Game Center App from iPhone

Can You Delete Game Center App from iPhone

Since iOS 4.1, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch have all come pre loaded with Game Center, Apple’s social gaming platform that lets you post your scores to worldwide leaderboards or compete head to head in network games. But not everyone uses their iOS device for gaming and if you’re one of those who don’t, you may want to delete it.

To delete apps normally, you simple tap and hold an app until they all begin shaking and then tap the X icon on the app you want to delete. However, the X icon doesn’t appear on Game Center using this technique. The question is, then: How do you delete the Game Center app from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

Apple doesn’t allow users to delete the apps it pre loads on the iOS. Other apps that can’t be delete include the iTunes Store, App Store, Calculator, Clock, and Stocks apps. In that situation, you’ll need to jailbreak your device and then use one of the programs that lets you remove apps or browse the iOS filesystem. If you’re going to do this, though, understand that removing files could cause larger problems for your device or render it unusable.

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Intel Corporation INTC news

Intel Corporation INTC news

If you had asked me back in 2011, 2012, or even the first half of 2013 how I felt about Intel (INTC) as an investment, I’d have without a doubt been quite unashamedly bullish on the name. Here you have a world class chip company that generates a ton of free cash flow, is investing heavily in ultra mobile computing (which represents roughly a $25B opportunity today and is growing), and is the world leader in PC chips and server chips. It also has the world’s best semiconductor manufacturing technology.

Seems like a no brainer at just over 13 times earnings, right, especially with peers trading at meaningfully higher multiples. right?

Right now, Intel’s biggest business by far is in the manufacture and sale of processors and related chipsets for the notebook and desktop computer markets. Indeed, this business alone was worth $32.7 billion on the top line during 2013 and carried very healthy operating margins of 35%. Seems like a fantastic business, right?

(click to enlarge)

The problem here is precisely the fact that Intel’s PC business is such a large portion of its revenue and profit base. This business, unfortunately, appears to be in secular decline. While I don’t subscribe to the notion that PC revenues eventually go to $0, I do think that until there are clear, multi quarter signs that the business has stabilized and returned to growth, the general perception will be that Intel’s biggest and most profitable (in terms of raw gross margin dollars) is on the decline and nobody’s going to pay a premium multiple for negative growth.

What About Those Servers?

Now, you could pretty easily argue that the company’s data center group is the real star of this show and that if you just value the business at some reasonable multiple of the long term earnings power of this business alone, you don’t even have to worry about the PC business.

(click to enlarge)

Indeed, if Intel can get this business to grow at about 10 15% (as promised for 2014), then there’s seemingly no problem with slapping a 20x multiple on this business alone (given how defensible Intel’s position is and the positive secular trends) and saying that the PC business is essentially worthless long term.

Unfortunately, it’s really not so simple. Further, since those server chips reuse a ton of the IP developed for those PC chips, once again from an accounting perspective, much of that R is already paid for by the PC processors.

In short, without the PC group essentially doing a lot of the heavy lifting for DCG, DCG wouldn’t be anywhere near as profitable. More to the point, the success of PC Client Group and its ability to keep utilization high and to fund much of the IP development is the secret sauce to Intel’s DCG profitability. If those PC volumes go away, DCG suddenly becomes a lot less attractive of a business.

How About Mobile?

Today, Intel has about 0.2% of the smartphone market and maybe 5% of the tablet market. By the end of the year, Intel expects to ship over 40 million tablet chips which, if IDC is right about its 2014 shipment forecast, means that Intel will grab about 15% of the tablet market. In smartphones, Intel has not given explicit guidance, but I would expect share to be fairly minimal until 2015.

That being said, according to Strategy Analytics, the tablet apps processor market was about $3.6 billion in 2013, and the smartphone apps processor market worth $18 billion in 2013. The combined TAM is, then, about $22 billion, and is probably going to grow at about 15 20% over the next couple of years. The rub, unfortunately, is that a lot of this market is held captive by Samsung (OTC:SSNLF)/Apple (AAPL) (although I do believe Samsung is penetrable, I believe Apple is not).

If Intel can grab, perhaps, 25% of the total tablet and phone apps processor market long term, then Intel can be doing $8 10 billion in sales here over the next couple of years. At 30% operating margin (once the business is to scale), this should add back another $2.4 $3 billion to the operating income line. eventually (and that’s only if Intel can demonstrate leadership across the product stack top to bottom. There is also an incremental opportunity in connectivity combos, discrete modems/transceivers, and the like, although it is difficult to quantify this at this time.

So, What’s This Thing Actually Worth?

At the end of the day, nobody really knows what Intel is “actually” worth it’s all about taking an educated guess. Why? Because there are just so many unknowns in play at this time, including:

What is the ultimate fate of the PC Client Group? Is the market in terminal decline, or will it eventually recover?What kind of mobile apps processor share will Intel have over the next 3 5 years?How successful can Intel be in hitting that 15% DCG CAGR it keeps promising (it hasn’t hit it in years.)What’s the Intel Custom Foundry opportunity worth?What other portion of the $300 billion semiconductor market can Intel reasonably hope to capture other than mobile apps processors?These are the questions that keep Intel trading in a tight range nobody really knows, and depending on your opinion of what the future looks like, Intel could either be a $200 billion+ ($40/share) company or it could eventually shrivel into a sub $100 billion company ($20/share). At $24.50/share, the probabilities are weighted towards being long, but do keep in mind that the opportunity cost of holding a stock stuck in a range like this in a raging bull market can be quite high.

All I want to see is some progress in mobile so that if the PC market really will continue to be in decline for several more years to come, I know the growth in mobile and the data center can more than offset it, bringing Intel back to profitable growth. I’m willing to hold through 2015 barring another guidance bomb at the upcoming investor meeting in November, but if Intel still doesn’t have its revenue growth story together by the end of 2015, I will probably throw in the towel.

Source: Intel: It Not That Easy

Disclosure: I am long INTC. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. (More.)

Flea Markets and Garage Sales

Flea Markets and Garage Sales

Flea markets and garage sales help family budgets in several ways: earn a bit of cash for items no longer needed, reduce the clutter around the house and find needed items at bargain prices. Listing your for sale items at an online garage sales site like Craig’s list get your items to a wide audience. Garage sales and tag sales are great places to find gently used kids clothes, toys and decorative items at substantially less than retail price. No longer need that crib or dressing table, sell it at a garage sale. Check out the options for flea markets, online garage sales and local tag sales in this Hub.

Whether you call it a tag sale, yard sale or garage sale off unwanted household items provides a great way reduce clutter and enrich your finances at the same time. Before you even think about having one,.

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There are so many flea markets around the Indianapolis area. Here we have a list of what I consider to be the best in the area. Read along and see if you agree with me.

16 The Most Popular Flea Market Products Itemsby Simone Smith (1,807 followers)

Never been to a flea market before? Don’t know what to expect? You might be surprised by what you encounter. Check out the overview below to get a taste of what flea markets commonly have to offer. When you finally.

71 10 Best Things to Buy at Garage or Yard Sales to Save Moneyby Victoria Lynn (1,367 followers)

What can you buy at garage sales to save money? Furniture, household items, tools, yard implements, lawn furniture, books, DVDs, CDs, office supplies, children and adult clothing save lots on these at yard sales!

11 What 10 items you should never buy from a garage saleby WorkAtHomeMums (156 followers)

10 items to never buy at a garage sale. Yard sales are a treasure trove of great bargains however you may be going home more than you had intended.

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tips for enjoying the flea market as buyer and seller

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Do you ever wonder what the best items are for selling on Craigslist are? Follow this pack rats journey on how she has sold everything from plants to cars. You can make extra money getting rid of your unwanted items.

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EVERYTHING you need to know, and then some, on how to have a successful garage or yard sale. Detailed ideas and tips on what to do with your unwanted clutter and make some money too!

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A review of three FREE iPhone apps for finding local garage sales. Screen captures and feature lists, as well as a video tutorial of the best app!

22 How to Have A Successful Online Garage Saleby Mommymay (80 followers)

If you are looking to make some extra cash and you aren’t ready to sit in your frozen driveway try an Online Garage Sale! No signs to hang, no akward conversations with neighbors, and more money!

3 Common Garage Sale Mistakesby Amanda108 (69 followers)

A look at common mistakes made by people holding a garage sale and the people who love to shop garage sales.

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Having a rummage sale is work. Period. Years of having them has given me a wealth of insight into making the most money and getting rid of tons of unwanted/weird items! Make the work worth it!

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If you want to have a garage sale that is successful and makes you some money, then this is the guide for you. There is a price list in this article that has the average amount that a buyer will spend on an item.

Nine Steps to Eat Gluten

Nine Steps to Eat Gluten

If you’re diagnosed with celiac disease or non celiac gluten sensitivity, you’ll need to learn how to eat gluten free. Or, you may decide to try a gluten free diet even without a diagnosis you may believe gluten free may help you lose weight or improve another health condition you have.

But what does it really mean to “go gluten free”?

Regardless of your reasons for choosing a gluten free diet, this can be a tricky diet with a massive learning curve, especially at first. But if you follow these nine steps preferably in order you should be well on your way to safely eating gluten free.

1. Dispose of all baking mixes, segregate or give away other gluten containing products, and buy yourself some new condiments. Donate unopened packages, jars and cans to a food bank or hand them over to a friend.

Since it’s possible to get symptoms from the tiniest morsel of gluten, you’ll need a new toaster. You’ll also need new plastic and wooden utensils and non stick pans, if you use them. (See more on that in Equipping Your Gluten Free Kitchen).

For some people, this is a difficult, emotional process you may find yourself mourning the foods you used to enjoy. If that’s the case, it can help to focus on the positive effect the gluten free diet will have on your health.

2. Anderson

Many people think they simply need to drop wheat from their diets or even just bread in order to go gluten free. But it’s unfortunately a lot more complicated than that.

Gluten appears in foods ranging from soups to sauces, and it’s not always obvious from the ingredients. (Here’s some more information on What Foods Contain Gluten?)

To avoid making mistakes, I strongly recommend you limit your diet to unprocessed foods at first. Fresh fruits and vegetables don’t contain gluten, nor do fresh meat, poultry and fish.

Eat as simply as you can, using only fresh herbs, salt and pepper to season your foods. Try grains such as corn in serious moderation, and don’t introduce packaged foods including those labeled “gluten free” until you have a better feel for the diet and how it affects your system.

This article will give you plenty of detail on what’s safe and what’s not: Gluten Free Food List What You CAN Eat

3. Anderson

Once you’ve mastered the basics, foods clearly labeled “gluten free” represent the best way to start expanding your gluten free diet.

Manufacturers aren’t required to label foods “gluten free,” but many do. You can find everything from gluten free bread to pizzas and frozen waffles, and even gluten free beer.

Just be careful not to go overboard with the gluten free labeled products, since many people find they experience renewed gluten symptoms when they eat too much of these products.

In some cases, symptoms could result from unhealed damage in your intestines. However, in most instances the culprit is the tiny amounts of gluten still present in the “gluten free” labeled foods (read more about this here: Foods Labeled Gluten Free May Still Contain Some Gluten).

If you start experiencing renewed (or even new) symptoms, or if you just don’t feel particularly well, cut back on these products, especially anything you’ve added recently. You may also want to check out this article: How Much Gluten Can Make Me Sick? It’s often a lot less than you think!

4. Food and Drug Administration

To really expand your diet and to figure out which of your old favorites you might be able to include you’ll need to learn to find gluten on food labels.

In fact, you’ll probably become a bit of a detective, learning to search for the meaning of various terms you’ll find on different products. You’ll also get quite an education on the different ingredients that make up processed foods.

Just remember: Manufacturers can label something “gluten free,” but food labeling laws do not require disclosure of gluten containing ingredients on food labels. If something has no obvious gluten ingredients listed, but doesn’t carry a “gluten free” label, it might contain barley or rye, or be subject to gluten cross contamination at the food processing facility. (See more about that here: What Does It Mean When A Product Has No Gluten Ingredients?)

In addition, keep in mind that wheat free does not equal gluten free, so don’t be fooled by foods labeled “wheat free” they’re probably not safe.

5. Here’s the list for iPhone: Gluten Free iPhone Apps, and many of the same apps are available for Android.

Several apps provide lists of gluten free products you can access while you are in the grocery store. A subscription based app lets you scan a product’s UPC code to determine if it’s gluten free or not.

If grocery shopping seems too difficult, you also can find apps that will help guide you to the nearest restaurant with a gluten free menu. Prices are all pretty reasonable free and up.

Check out Evernote on the iPhone

Check out Evernote on the iPhone

The Notes Menu After clicking “Notes” at the bottom of the main menu, you be taken to a pane for viewing all of your previous notes. From here you can flick up or down OR use fast scrolling along the right side of the screen.

Click on any single note and you be shown the title and full text/images of your note. There isn an enormous amount of formatting available in Evernote in general, so the mobile version is pretty similar to what you would normally see on the web or desktop clients. If you want all the extra tagging and such associated with your note, simply click “Details” for a screen listing the notebook, last date updated, creation date, and any tags or URLs.

To edit your note you need to click the pencil icon in the bottom right hand corner. This will bring up an editor screen where you can change most of the fields. Sometimes a complex note will have certain values (like images) that cannot be changed on the mobile app, but you always have the opportunity to append text to the end of the note.

Lastly, if you would like to attach a note to an email or delete a note, those buttons are available at the bottom of the note page.

Back on the main notes menu, keep in mind that Evernote powerful search is fully available on the app. Simply click the search box to begin a simple search or select “Advanced Search” for options to narrow by notebook, tags, geolocation, and date. If you like to look through your notes purely by geolocation, click the icon in the upper left corner to see a map view with flags for each note.

Synchronization and Settings The app rounds out with a significant number of settings. Click the “Sync” tab to open up the settings.

The first thing you will see is an option to “Sync Now,” which is handy when you aren’t sure whether your notes have been saved or not. On the notes menu, you can actually swipe down to initialize a sync, but before that feature was added, this was the only manual syncing method.

Below that you will see account options and settings specific to your personal information.

There is also a handy read out of monthly usage, similar to what you can see in the desktop application. Longer notes (like class notes) would probably be a hassle. A lot of people like the iPhone keyboard, but even its most fervent supporters would struggle to record an entire lecture or meeting’s worth of note taking on the app.

I think that the camera option is by far the most useful feature. Take pictures of wine bottles (and add comments), your license plate, posters, or prospective purchases for later research. If you have the iPhone 4, the snapped images are usually high enough in quality for the Evernote OCR to transcribe words into text.

Let us know what you think of the app in the comments!

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Tracking Cow Nutrition and Fighting Government Corruption in Africa With Phone Apps

Tracking Cow Nutrition and Fighting Government Corruption in Africa With Phone Apps

Fighting kleptocracy in Africa is no small effort to do so with a phone application?

That’s exactly what an application called Kleptocracy Fighters Inc. does, and it’s just won second place from the State Department’s Apps4Africa contest.

It lets people record and report government corruption real time. That can mean reporting with audio, video, or text message, and the information will be forwarded to legal and media partners, who will help raise awareness of corruption cases.

According to Apps4Africa, “This application has potential to help build trust, accountability and transparency around the world.”

iCowThe first place winner: a voice based app that helps farmers track the estrus stages of their cows farmers will be better equipped to manage cows’ breeding periods, and to monitor their nutrition in the build up to calving day.

Improving maternal healthAnd in third place: Mamakiba, which the State Department describes as “a patient facing SMS savings calculator and prepayment tracking tool specifically designed to help low income women save and prepay for their maternal health needs such as ante natal care and clinical delivery.”

And this is just the beginning: the State Department says it will continue to host events and competitions in Africa. In announcing these winners, Hillary Clinton said,

Income Tax Software Reviews

Income Tax Software Reviews

Tax Software Advice and ReviewsBy Shelley Elmblad

Find the best tax software with advice for choosing and buying personal income tax preparation software.

How to Choose Tax SoftwareChoosing tax software can be confusing. Get tips and advice for buying income tax preparation software and for choosing the right software for your tax preparation needs.

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Tax Software ReviewsFind out which tax software is best, what’s new in tax software features, and whether there’s any tax software you need to avoid.

TurboTax ReviewH Block At Home ReviewTaxACT ReviewCompleteTaxeSmart Tax ReviewFree Tax SoftwareThere are many options for free income tax preparation software this year.

The Fine Print on Free Tax SoftwareIRS Free FileFile State Income Taxes for FreeFree iPhone Tax AppsFree Android Tax AppsFree Tax Software for Military MembersMobile Tax AppsiPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps can really help with making tax time easier.

Best Android Tax AppsBest iOS Tax Apps3 Best iPad Tax AppsUsing Tax Software and Filing an ExtensionFind out what do you need to do before you fire up your tax software and how to file an extension.

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